Dreamlites pilows & Ontel

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My children fell in love with the TV advertisement for dreamlites.I was actually hoping that the dreamlike pillow would help my son with his fear of the dark.

I ordered the product over 6 weeks ago and I still have yet to see it! I have called several times only to get a busy signal. But, the night after I ordered I did receive 3 telemarketing calls offering me free gas cards (etc). This wen ton for DAYS until my husband took care of the telemarketer.

The charge still hasn't posted to my card but i am contemplating canceling it.

It has been a good lesson for my children to not always believe what you see on TV .I am disappointed for them!

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This company is a TOTAL SCAM!!!

I placed an order for a Glow Pet on what I believed to be the official "Glow Pet" website, and then received a confirmation e-mail from Ontel.I was surprised at this, because I was unaware I was ordering from this specific company.

Once I realized, I did a Google search about Ontel only to realize they are a fraudulent company. I had not received a confirmation that my order was shipped, so I tried to contact their head office. The phone number they provide in the e-mails is not real, and does not work. I did some searching and found a real number that works.

I got in touch with someone who barely spoke English, and had no idea what she was doing. She had to ask me about five times what my name was, etc. Then she told me my order had been cancelled due to an invalid postal code. WHY was I not contacted and informed of this?!

If my order indeed was not completed, I should have been notified so as to not sit around and wait forever for it to be delivered. I asked for a confirmation e-mail to say that my order had been cancelled, or not accepted and she said " we don't do that". I asked for a reference number for the phone call " we don't do that" employee number? "we don't do that".

NOW! I am contacted by "my bank" letting me know my account has been suspended and I have to give them all of my personal banking information in order to get it back. SCAM! SCAM!




Ontel - I bought 4 swivelaweeperand the battery does not last very long

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i bought 4 swivelsweepers and the battery does not last very long the most one lasted was about 7 months.the batteries are very exspensive 19.99and s&h 5.99.i follow the instructions did everything right.works wonderful when the battery works!!! i cant afford more batteries i bough 2 sweepers for my daughter and 2 for me.your batteries suck.i also know a couple of other people that bough one and they were not happy with the battery model cordless swevelweeper G2 i do not have dates for the first 2 sent away for them on a TV ad the 2 i got at Kolh's one for a chirstmas gift. 2 for me claudette barnes and 2 for kelly phillips.

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